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Ruka OP: A6 cel
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A6
Standard size

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Added 5/14/2009
Updated 6/25/2017
Ruka (ルカ, sometimes transliterated “Lucca”) is the “mad scientist” in the family. Wikipedia Japan also refers to her as a ダークエルフ or “dark elf。” She makes a lightning-quick appearance doing some kind of experiment that makes a bright-pink explosion come out of a test tube. Sequence number: A6.

This cel comes in just after Ruka blinks but before the A3 key image and shows the spheres just beginning to come into sight. Both on the sketch and on the cel, this number has a triangle drawn around it, identifying the image as what I call a “planned inbetweener.” That is, the animators drew a separate sketch for this pose midway between two keys, less finished than a genga but clear enough for the douga artist to follow.


Ikue Ohtani, the seiyuu for Ruka is best known as the immediately recognizable voice of Pikachu from Pokemon, which is heard even in the various English and other dubs. All the creature says, after all, is some variation of "Pi - ka pi - ka!" or, in moments of emotion, “Pi - ka - chu!” depending on the situation. And nobody ever had such an amazing variety of Pikachus as Ohtani. It’s therefore nice to learn that she had a much wider range as a voice actor, and the complex tomboy Ruka is one of her strongest creations.

This funny moment is a favorite among Tennimon collectors: Anime Cel Incognito has a cel from the very start of the cut, kamui cels has my cel’s next-door sequence-buddy, the A7, while Vapalla’s cels has the A8 (where you begin to see the green creatures more clearly), while Otakusin has the A11 from near the end of the cut.

It's interesting that all of these cels show Ruka's test tube painted black (and what I make of the gengas, this is what the studio ordered). But the screen caps show it glowing purple, like the liquid in the beaker she is holding in her other hand. Perhaps this effect was added digitally after the OP cut was photographed.

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