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Sasami Welcomes Misao Back to School: Layouts
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Added 5/14/2009
Updated 9/20/2017
Cut 12. Coming in shortly after the previous sketch set, here Sasami arrives in the school’s yard, a little after the rest, happy that Misao is back at last. She makes her way through the crowd of classmates, then stands face to face with her friend for a moment. We expect something sentimental or noble-sounding, like, “Thank heavens you’ve come back to us,” but the show, maintaining its elementary school worldview, simply has her blurt out, “Lunch today is curry and rice!” (which is evidently the pair’s favorite meal).

Above is a very interesting and detailed sketch on white paper, which I can’t instinctively place in the usual production process. Interestingly, it seems to precede any of the other sketches in the set, and so it much have been done at the layout stage. Two other sketches on white paper show her coming from much farther off, and the sketch above has her end up much closer than in the final scene.

The sketch set also included four sketches on light green paper, the most elaborate of which is in the first thumb. This must have been done by the episode or art director, as it corrects the layering (Misao and the girl to her right now share a single C1 layer) and makes Sasami’s face much smaller. I’ve added in the second thumb another of these “green gengas” that work up Sasami’s image and its exact relation to Misao’s shoulders.

You can see more of this interesting sketch set if you go to "Private Area" and type in "seemorestuff."

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