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TheShining Team
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1 END
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Added 5/14/2009
Updated 9/20/2017
Cut 68. The scene shifts briefly to the witch world, where the Shining Team, the Chief Priestess’s crack team of magical girls, is sitting glumly on the library steps, disheartened over having been defeated in battle by Black Misao in Ep. 22 and then outshone by the Sasami-tachi in Ep. 24. Here they are listening with polite attention to the Priestess, who’s not giving up so easily: she’s got one more nasty trick up her sleeve.

Featured above is the A1 genga, showing the four subordinate Shining Teammates: Ayane, their self-proclaimed leader, was placed on a separate B1 layer in front of the railing of the stairs. You can see her in the layout (first thumb) and then solo on her B1 genga (second thumb).

This foxy-looking character gets a lot of screen time, but the character design of the rest of the group is so strong that one wishes we saw more of them individually. The details of their hair styles, earrings, magical girl uniforms, and even the natural posing of their hands and fingers show astonishing attention.

Their names (consulting the cast list) are Sonoko, Chinako, Yuuri, and Eimi, but frankly I’m not sure which is which. The one with the cat ears is particularly interesting, as she has just admitted that she’s homesick for the kitty she left behind at home when she defected to the witch world. She’s seen earlier casting her magic in the form of a cute cat daimon, which, alas, is no match for Black Misao’s snake darts.

(Toward the end of the last episode we get a glimpse of all of them back in the human world, still walking in a pack but now in normal clothes and looking a little shamefaced.)

This short sketch set, planning out a single A1/B1 END image, contained a layout (original and annotated copy), a partial layout correction, plus the two gengas and two dougas.

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