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“We Weren’t Doing Anything!”
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: B2, C2
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Added 5/14/2009
Updated 9/20/2017
Cuts 120, 122. With the magical girls’ crisis apparently resolved, Washuu and Daimon are having a quiet tête-a-tête after hours in the school infirmary. “It’s getting hot in here,” Washuu comments at one point, and Daimon replies smoothly, “So why don’t you take something off?” While she’s blushing and absorbing this fresh remark (and presumably thinking about what might happen if she was unwise enough to comply), suddenly Itoku from the witch world bursts in.

This oversexed sorceress (clearly inspired by the catgirl-demoness Miruru in TnN) has been stalking Daimon in earlier episodes. So Washuu jumps up, blushing more deeply in embarrassment and sprouting sweatdrops, saying “We weren’t doing anything!” (Daimon looks over at her, apparently regretting that they really weren’t.) Then she goes on the defensive, demanding to know what the intruder is doing peeking in on them. As the scene continues, though, they realize that the catty witch, for once, doesn’t have romance on her mind, and so the two quickly sober up.

The image above is the rough that came with this set, corresponding to the B2/C2 image that comes at the end of the first cut, when Itoki bursts in, and also begins the next cut. The thumbs add the corresponding genga and also the B1/C1 key, where Washuu is looking rather intensely at a mildly amused but enigmatic Daimon and wondering what would happen if she did take something off.

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