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Gegege no Kitarō 5 (2007-09): Ep. 92: Wave Lad and Father Trout

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Kitarō surprised by a turn in the action
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Added 2/22/2009
Updated 3/18/2013
Then suddenly Kitarō sees something down below that sets him back considerably. This "scribbly" sketch, also very fine, must come from a moment close to the previous one, as Papa Eyeball is still undercover at this point.

Like my other sketch of Kitarō flying on Ittan Momen, this image was originally canted sharply to the left, and a second set of registration holes were added in pencil on the top of the sketch to show the correct orientation. I've used them as a guide for the scan featured above, but you can see the thumb for the sheet scanned in its original state.

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