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Drosselmeyer returns home: A2
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A2
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Added 2/4/2009
Updated 1/11/2016
Akt 25 - Kapitel des Junges: The Dying Swan ~ Romeo und Julia. While sitting in Autor's reconstruction of Drosselmeyer's study, trying to begin rewriting the story that motivates the world, Fakir suddenly finds that he is not alone. The dead storyteller himself steps into the room, noting that it looks like it did when he was alive, but observing that the props are all fakes.

This sketch, begun in blue pencil and finished in graphite, captures the mask-like face of this creepy character as he turns back and looks directly at the audience for an instant. It is a partial, omitting the hand that passes in front of his face, but is the more powerful for that. See the thumb for a scan of the A1 sketch of him turned away, but starting to glance back over his shoulder.

The slightly demented dead-but-not-dead storyteller who stage-directs this series has always been one of my favorite characters: and no wonder! Folktales live only in performance, and when they are told, the fates of the figures in the story are, in a very real sense, in the hands of the narrator. That’s an issue that a folklorist understands from the inside out.

Drosselmeyer’s evident delight in controlling (or trying to control) the fates of Mytho, Rue, and Tutu is balanced by the audience’s increasing concern for these characters’ personalities and their desire to live their own stories, free from manipulation.

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