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Gegege no Kitarō 5 (2007-09): Ep. 92: Wave Lad and Father Trout

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Nami Kozō arrives in Yōkai Alley 1
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Added 2/3/2009
Updated 3/15/2013
This polished layout sketch, labeled [scene] 3 - [cut] 1, shows what happens next: the monk follows Ittan Momen outside and finds the wave lad, surfboard still strapped to his back, looking at him.

Nami Kozō is looking apologetically at Iwana Bōzu, who is visibily irritated at having his tea interrupted.

Already I like the little guy!

This sketch set included a number of images, all done in layout style and probably by the same artist, that give this scene in some detail. From the plot summaries, it seems that the wave lad gives a bit of his backstory, explaining that the Mōrei Yassan bogey has given him trouble for some time, and has even taken the lives of his mother and father. So not only is he determined to combat this yūrei because of his duties to the local fisher community, he is obligated by honor to avenge his parents.

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