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Madarame leads the others into the hentai doujinshi shop
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Added 12/30/2008
Updated 9/24/2017
Episode 2: Comparative Classification of the Modern Youth Through Consumption and Entertainment, Cut 53. Meanwhile, Madarame, the de-facto leader of Genshiken, leads the others on a tour of Akihabara, the electronics/manga/anime shopping district nearby. As the climax of their tour, they arrive at a shop specializing in dōjinshi, particularly the hentai, or risqué kind. In this image, we see the elevator door open and Madarame steps out, followed by the others in his group.

I’ve left the Madarame layer for the next set to highlight (again) the really nice layouts that came with this set. Featured above is the “3” layout, which seems to have been emended to B4 in the final edit. The thumbnail shows the earlier “1” layout, which again characterizes the three otaku nicely. Flanking the now recovered Sasahara in both are Kugayama, the huge one on the left, and Tanaka, the sly, scruffy one on the right. Even at this early stage the initiate's excitement over having a look at those “Egg Eater Sakura” dōjinshi is pretty obvious. Even his eyes are starting to inflate to mahou shoujo size.

Hey, Sasahara-kun, save one of those EES dōjinshi for me!

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