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Saki Punches Sasahara (Second version)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A4-A6
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Added 12/30/2008
Updated 9/24/2017
And here’s how the animator reworked that painful moment. For a series so realistic in representing the human body, it’s telling that the studio saved Sasahara from serious injury by turning his head into a rubber ball for an instant. The soft substance that he seems made out of absorbs the power of Saki’s punch, and his mouth expands into an elastic “beak” as a result. The result is comic rather than graphic, and so it’s no surprise to see him pop right back up in the next scene like an indestructible cartoon character.

The thumbs show the following A5 and A6 keys, also on thin green paper. The A5 (which I’ll feature in its finished form later) shows the funny distortion of Sasahara’s rubber face, along with the much more effective pose of Saki, which the animator settled on after quite a few visible false starts. The A6 shows another interesting addition: in the first version, Sasahara simply falls over without further ado, but here the animator shows his left hand trailing his body and wobbling in the air for a moment. Saki’s less dramatic follow-through also makes her punch seem much less lethal than in the early draft.

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