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Saki Punches Sasahara (Final version)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A5, A6
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Added 12/30/2008
Updated 9/24/2017
Finally, here’s the color test sheet for the A5 moment, showing Sasahara reeling after the impact of Saki’s punch.

I’ve seen a few color tests of this sort on the market, mostly included as parts of settei for CGI series, and occasionally one would be included in sketch sets from Chobits. Since then, I’ve noticed a few crop up on RS for Ai Yori Aoshi as well. I assume that these were produced as part of the final checking process before the colorizing of the dougas on the computer screen, and possibly sent to the CGI artist as a guide.

Obviously, it’s a laser-printed copy of a digital file, rather than an original art object. But I don’t know how many of these were run off during the production process. They seem uncommon, and the brilliance of their color is a welcome relief to the eyes in the middle of the monochrome feel of CGI art galleries like this.

The thumbs show the finished gengas for this key and the following A6 key. Note that the foreshortening of Sasahara’s left arm is really very unrealistically done, I’d assume to make the violence all the more slapstick in its impact, particularly as Saki’s pose is done with extraordinary skill and realism.

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