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“Rest in Peace, Natsuki!”
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2, A4
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Added 12/30/2008
Updated 1/12/2016
Ep. 13 (Cat's Bell). Sakura has just saved Natsuki from a villainous monster who’s been stalking her, and in exhausted gratitude, the catgirl falls into her partner’s arms. Unfortunately, Sakura has been waiting patiently for a vulnerable moment like this, just the right moment to devour Natsuki herself and use her magic to complete the last of her nine magical fox tails. (You can see a cel showing this moment in my “Hyper Police Cels” gallery.)

As the baddie’s gun-toting minions sneak up on Natsuki’s hiding place from all sides, Sakura pounces on her, mouth open wide, shouting “Now die quickly and rest in piece!”*

This dramatic rough sketch shows the same colorful, splashy sketching style as others I’ve obtained from this episode. These have always been among my favorite gengas, and so it was a pleasant surprise to find this sketch set in a sale by Ashenfairy. The artist is, as I’ve noted elsewhere, probably the episode’s animation director, Hiroshi Hara, whose broad-lined sketches from nearby scenes can be viewed in the "Natsuki (and Sakura)" gallery.

This animator took a lot of time in designing the details of Sakura’s toothy expressions. While this sketch set was only partial, lacking the A1 genga, I did get some delightful partial shuuseis in which the animator worked up the details of the lip-smacking way she speaks her big line. See the thumbs for two of these, the A2 and A4 shuuseis, scanned against the rough to provide a ghost of the rest of the image.

* Not to worry: Natsuki, unknown to Sakura, is about to call on the power of the 13 additional episodes already in production.

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