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Shippo and Kagome Surprised: Cut 52
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Added 12/13/2008
Updated 4/11/2017
Episode 117, cut 52. Shippo and Kagome are caring for the injured Kōga in a cave, when Kagome senses the presence of another jewel shard. They go to the cave’s mouth to investigate, and suddenly there’s an explosion nearby. (This scene appears at about 7:11 in the episode.)

Featured above is the “end” layout for Cut 52, showing the two reacting to the kaboom. It’s an unusually clean layout for this series; most layouts range from slapdash to impressionistic, and very few show this level of completeness. The credits for this episode say the storyboards were done by Mitsuko Kase, while Teruo Satoh was episode director and Mamiko Nakanishi was animation director. Unfortunately, comparing the sketch sets that I have for other shows in which these three worked in various capacities did not turn up another example of this distinctive layout drawing style. However, anime obsessed has a nice pan layout from Episode 151 (for which Nakanishi was again animation director) that is very similar in style. The roughs (move ahead for these) also show a sketching approach similar to those I have for Ep. 144, for which Nakanishi also did animation direction.

In any case, they are unusually nice, whoever executed them. See the thumbnail for the “start” layout, showing Shippo suspiciously sniffing the air and commenting “I smell gunpowder!”

This very full sketch set, which was broken into Cuts 52 and 56, contained five layouts and six roughs (all partial), along with 40 dougas. Of these, only the first three (A1-3) were complete; then Kagome and Shippo were animated independently through partial layers. Kagome earned two base layers plus A4'-A14' (head) and B1-2 (mouth), and Shippo had three base layers plus C1-16 (variously showing his head, eyes, mouth, and nose).

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