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Shippo and Kagome Surprised: Cut 56 Layouts
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Added 12/13/2008
Updated 4/11/2017
The cut was broken in two in the final show, with intervening cuts showing that Renkotsu, one of Kōga’s antagonists, has caused a landslide that blocks the river below. We see the water starting to back up beneath the cave’s opening; then we return to the two companions. Above is the Cut 56 “1” sketch showing them reacting in shock to this turn of events.

Then Shippo turns quickly and expresses outrage at the next twist in the plot: Renkotsu has dumped a burning pile of logs, along with oil, so that the rising water starts to burn as well. You can see the dramatic “2” and “end” layouts showing his turn to the right in the two thumbnails.

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