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Fonne gets the drop on Tommy-kun
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2
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Added 12/10/2008
Updated 5/23/2017
Episode 22: Peau's Depression, cut 56. Poor Tommy inadvertently gropes Fonne in extricating himself from the wreckage of the flyer, and so when she asks him to splint her injured back, she gives him a friendly warning not to get too personal in doing so.

Here again I’ve highlighted the rough, probably the work of the episode's animation director, Kazumi Ikeda. The first thumbnail includes an interesting layout, which is quite different from the rough but is also very faint.

As Ishihara was credited for storyboarding this episode, I first thought that this sketch also is his work. Certainly the two placed side by side show similar dynamics and drawing techniques, though they are quite different in detail. But as the copy layout in this set had Kazumi Ikeda's "three-lines" signature, I think this must be her work as well.

The second thumb shows the finished genga, labeled A2 (the A1, not imaged, shows Fonne’s gun starting to push up Tommy’s chin.)

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