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A stern Batanan portrait
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Added 12/10/2008
Updated 5/23/2017
Episode 24: The Day of Catastrophe, cut 183. Kondo, one of the human bounty hunters, has been seriously injured by a monster, and Makoto, the owner of the café that Natsuki and the others frequent, comments that his wife has decided to take a day off, due to the shock. Batanan comments brusquely, “she’s not the only one who’s suffering from shock.” (In fact, all the loyal monsters, including Natsuki, have started to question the way the world works.)

This is another of the Tatsuya Ishihara episodes, and while this sketch set was imperfect, it has at least retained the characteristically faint rough, seen above. This is likely the work of Ishihara's regular collaborator, animation director Kazumi Ikeda.

The thumb shows the copy layout, this time with Ishihara’s stamp beside the circled "three-lines" symbol that appears on the layouts for Ep. 14 and Ep. 22 two other shows for which Ikeda was animation director. (The date on the stamp shows that these sketches were done in August 1997.)

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