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World of Elegance on Attack
Source: Movie
Layers: 2
No sketches available
Cel Number: A20, B4
Oversize, 14W x 9.5H

No Background

Added 9/17/2008
Updated 1/9/2016
Chapter 19, cut 840. Increasingly under the control of Celestine’s virus, Belldandy has become irrational and is using her angel to attack Urd and Skuld. In this cut, Urd sends her angel, World of Elegance, to confront Holy Bell, planning in the confusion to launch a magical attack on Celestine, the real source of the problem. Sequence numbers: A20 (a small image of Urd, who’s just barely visible behind WoE’s left leg), B4 (World of Elegance).

Gates of Alyssium has the A28/B13 set, while Absolutely Magical has another cel from this sequence.

Given Urd’s unabashed sexual nature, it’s no surprise that her angel (unlike the others who always appear discreetly clothed with drapery, swooshies of mist, or, in Peorth’s case, thorny rose briars) dives into action almost totally naked. The proprieties are maintained only through her piebald skin markings, which suggest a skin-tight leotard (but don’t provide one: see her bare toes and fingers), and the slender strip of cloth around her bust. Even this flutters loosely behind her, showing the viewer that it remains in place solely through the force of her forward motion, aided by a touch of divine intervention.

This wonderful cel, oversized even by movie standards, came with what appears to be a Certificate of Authenticity from Mandarake, which appraises its value (as of April 2003) at 20,000 yen. It was a joyful surprise to me to get it for ... er ... somewhat less than that on Yahoo Japan in 2008, but then it came up as part of a cluster of very impressive, high-end AMG movie cels, including some glorious Belldandys, which went for much higher sums. Also, it wasn’t very carefully scanned (due to its extra size) so while the better-heeled sharks were thrashing around competing for the others, Minnow-sensei managed to make off with this prize undetected.

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