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Inuyasha Ep. 163: The Secret Flower Garden

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Kohaku Asks Sango to Wait a Moment: Layouts
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Added 9/17/2008
Updated 4/11/2017
Cut 96. The episode includes Kirara’s flashback to a time when he and Sango saved her little brother Kohaku from a giant bear. Afterwards, the two are going off together, when suddenly Kohaku asks her big sister to wait for a moment. They turn back toward him, a little surprised (the image you see above), and then he dashes off into the underbrush. (This cut appears at 8:28.)

Caution! Fussy Notes

The seemingly simple action occasioned a surprisingly complicated sketch set, which includes a copy layout, five autograph layouts (numbered 1-5), a rough on yellow paper with the “spectacles” stamp, four more unstamped roughs or genzus on yellow paper plus two on pink paper, 22 gengas (six for Sango, three for Kirara, and 13 for Kohaku), 15 shuuseis, and a total of 44 dougas (13 for Sango, 7 for Kirara, and 24 for Kohaku). That’s 94 sheets of paper in all, not as intense a blizzard as some Inuyasha cuts, but still a lot of sketchwork for a cut planned to last just five and a half seconds.

Of these, the most instructive are the six layouts. One is a copy like others in this gallery and has both the Ishihara and the“spectacles” stamp. (The date is the same as “Sango Puzzled” so these two adjacent cuts were being worked on during the same day, April 24, 2004). It contains no figures, though it shows a forest background like the one in the next cut. The other five bear no stamps but show the distinctive “chicken-scratch” sketching style that I’ve associated with Ishihara’s work. Ishihara was credited as episode director and storyboard artist, so it’s likely that these five are in his hand. (The copy layouts, with the “spectacles” stamp, as I’ve suggested in another gallery, are more likely the work of Shokō Ikeda, animation director for this episode.)

As these are significant artifacts for understanding Ishihara’s approach to sketching, I’ve scanned all six, featuring the three most interesting here: Kirara and Sango looking back (seen above), and in the thumbnails 1) the opening key (with an interesting sidebar conversation between artists) and 2) Kohaku in profile, talking to the others. If you’re interested in the fine points of animation art, go to “Private Area” and type in “seemorestuff,” and you’ll see the other three layouts in the next item. (Or just leave it hidden if you want to skip ahead to more good stuff.)

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