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Cardcaptor Sakura 17: Episode 69 (Sakura and the Revealed Clow Reed)

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“I Love You!”
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Added 7/29/2008
Updated 4/25/2017
“. . . ore wa omae ga suki da!”

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And so now it’s been said . . . and nothing can ever be the same.

For all the mists and mirrors of the magic side of this plot, the amazing thing about this series is that it all comes down to simple things like this: the courage to make a commitment, the maturity to understand what it means. And so even though Clow Reed’s power is broken, and all the Cards transformed, and Yue and Kerberos safely returned, the storytellers make it clear that this is not the end of the story, only what was necessary so that Sakura’s story now can properly begin.

A great moment -- and this sketch, done so quickly and lightly, is where it first saw light. Gentler than the others, the drawing seems to have been done with few revisions, as if the artist had completely visualized what this moment would be like. Only the crucial highlights and contours of those eyes were worked up later in darker pencil.

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