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Cardcaptor Sakura 09: Touya, Yukito, and Yue

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"The Scene" : Post-Transfer
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: B31
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Added 7/28/2008
Updated 6/19/2013
After the transfer, Touya, now drained of power, slumps in Yue’s arms, who looks at him with dawning recognition of how much his sacrifice has meant. Sequence number: B31.

In scanning this cel, I used the same original background that I got with "So Alike?" but positioned so that the little picture would be hidden behind Yue. It made a perfect fit with the colors of this lovely and deeply moving image.

Most "Post-Transfer" cels show Yue's face in straight profile, but toward the end, he turns slightly toward the viewer. I like the way my cel includes just enough of Yue's left eye between his hair strands to make it a three-quarters portrait. And the cels from later in the cut show much more emotion than the ones near the start, leading into . . . [move on to the next item!]


Click the thumbnail and look at the douga, where a bold note points to a spot in Yue's hair strands to the left of his neck. That's where the cel painter made a mistake, which had to be corrected by repainting the highlights on the front of the cel, one of only a few cases in which I've seen this done.

Caution! Fussy Notes

This is another of the cels that I was able to convince the curator of "Sakura Bunnies" (now no more, alas) to accept an offer for. It's a great satisfaction, after many years (and unsuccessful bids) to finally add a cel from this famous cut to my collection. How odd it is to have had the pre-transfer cel for more than five years, my sole Yue/Touya "scene" cel, and then suddenly, in a few months in 2008, to be able to accompany it with four more important cels from adjacent cuts! Thank you, Carly!

Cels from this part of the scene are similar to the pre-transfer moments, but have a tighter composition and all numbered B## rather than A##.) They are, like pre-transfer cels, avidly collected and deeply cherished by their curators. Cel Envy has a wonderful B6, Vamppy’s Cel Gallery has the B10, Anime Jewell has the B12, Debbye's Cel Gallery has the B17, Nabs-chan's Super Cute Cel Sanctuary has an unnumbered cel very close to this one, Kamidake cel gallery has the B21, In My Dreams has the B22, Excelation: A Cel Gallery also has the B23 (an especially lovely image), Gecko Blue Cels has the B24 (ditto!), Red Eye has the B26 (ditto!!), Forever Dreaming has the B30, this cel's sequence buddy on one side, and Emerald Ice Anime Cel Gallery has the sequence-buddy on the other side, the B32.

This is one of those scenes where it would be interesting to get all the cels and their curators into the same room together somehow. Simply browsing the galleries above and reading their descriptions is in itself a moving experience. It is difficult to think of any other moment in this wonderful series that generates such profound reactions among so many diverse viewers. As with a few other items that I've managed to acquire, this is a cel that one feels privileged to hold.

Thank you again, Carly! I promise it will be loved as much as you loved it.

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