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Inside the Canopy of a Kooloop Tree 1
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Oversize, 23W x 17H

Original Matching Background

Added 6/14/2008
Updated 3/22/2017
This production background backs Cut 140, part of a scene in which Palme climbs the kooloop tree that grows above his original home.

Nakamura and his associate, Art Director Mutsuo Koseki (who I believe executed the layers of this set-up) seem to have imagined this otherworldly ecosystem with lucid-dreaming surrealism. These trees are nothing like anything that grows on Earth.

In fact they seem to be made out of something more like immensely hard muscle tissue, interwoven with veins that act like nerves. The blue "pores" that you see are repositories of the valuable kooloop oil, which is one of the centers of this world's economy.

They also seem to have other powers, however, and in this scene they seem to attract and store static electricity being generated by the strange creature that has attracted Palme's attention. You can see some of the details of this bizarre life form in the first thumbnail.


This huge and complicated set-up was one of the surprises found in my June 2008 "messy midden" purchase. It is, like many Palme backgrounds, simply huge. The background layer (shown above) is fully 23 by 17 inches, and the book layers are even larger, as they were designed to move during the filming to add an illusion of depth. The second book layer (next item) is 26 3/4 by 18 inches, the biggest cel layer I have ever seen.

Sadly, their size was a detriment when the set-up was passed on to jobbers for sale. In their travels, their edges were repeatedly exposed to stress, and so the set-up has experienced some damage. Happily, the damage was mitigated somewhat by the sketches, which were still larger and buffered the edges of the artwork somewhat.

Still, one imagines that this tree, however monumental in strength it seems in this scan, was very happy to get to a place where it could get some long-deferred curatorial attention.

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