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Skuld Squishing a Bug
Source: OVA
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A28
Standard size

No Background

Added 5/5/2008
Updated 1/9/2016
From the beginning of the 4th OVA episode, when a system bug appears in the middle of a snow fight Urd and Skuld are having, forcing the hacker goddess to get out her pest whacker and send the poor mischievous devil to Bughalla. A delightfully violent image that nicely combines the system bug’s hybrid nature: part bunny, part roach.

Notice the airbrushed shadow under the figure: this was added to the back of the cel after it was painted, and unfortunately damaged a bit subsequently. Most cases of airbrushing I’ve seen from series made after this one were applied to the front of the cel or to the front of a second cel sandwiched behind the top one, precisely to avoid this kind of accidental damage.

Rallihir’s Cel Gallery has the A26 in this series.

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