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Inuyasha Ep. 163: The Secret Flower Garden

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Sango with Kohaku’s Lilies: A1 genga
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Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
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Added 3/21/2008
Updated 3/20/2024
Cut 275. At the end of the path, Sango re-encounters Kirara, who takes her to see the secret garden. As it sinks in what has happened to them, she experiences her own flashback to the “Sango Puzzled” moment in the past, only now we see her hopping and skipping along the path back to their home, delighted with the bouquet of lilies her little brother has brought her. This moment appears at about 19:24.

The animators spent an amazing amount of time on those lilies. Seen above is the A1 genga (digitally darkened a bit to bring out details). But even in the copy layout (first thumb) we see the details of the complicated petals, sepals, and stamens were already worked out in a realistic way. Both this and the pretty rough (second thumb) bears the “Spectacles” stamp associated with Animation Director Shoko Ikeda. The rough is a partial, focusing on the mechanics of how Sango’s little skip will make her foxtail hair bounce behind her.

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