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K1/Celestine in Battle
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: B17
Oversize, 15.5W x 10.5H

No Background

Added 3/21/2008
Updated 1/9/2016
This generously oversized cel (390 x 265) shows the combined Keiichi/Celestine at a dramatic moment of the movie’s climax, as Kami-sama is about to fry Creation, Celestine, virus and all, with a (nearly) omnipotent blast from heaven. (Happily, Belldandy has a few tricks up her sleeve.) Sequence number: B17

Like most oversized cels, this one is reduced in impact by being scanned and resized, and makes a much stronger impression in person. The unusual foreshortened perspective, showing Keiichi/Celestine from nearly directly above, does suggest Kami-sama looking down from Heaven and taking careful aim on the pesky rebel with his thunderbolt.

But in spite of the somewhat tattered battle costume, this character’s not wimpy-yaki yet -- no, not by a long shot!

This wonderful cel came to me in a trade from Cristy of Gates of Alyssium, who has other great cels of the divine K1 avatar in her AMG gallery. Thank you Cristy!

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