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Powerpuff Girls Z 49A: The Love Love Beam

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Heart-eyed Blossom.
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
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Added 3/19/2008
Updated 10/10/2018
The first stage in creating the feared Love Love Beam magical attack is for all the GirlZ to turn their eyes into hearts. That's easy for Blossom, as we've seen many times before. This very finished sketch, down to the details of the costume, comes from near the end of the sketching process.

By contrast, visit the thumbs for two earlier genzus that show a bit more of the open-field setting. The first shows Blossom beginning to rise to the challenge, the second shows a first-level sketch of the other two reacting to her talent with opposite emotions: Bubbles is impressed, Buttercup more than a little disturbed.

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