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Inuyasha Ep. 163: The Secret Flower Garden

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Sango Returns from the Secret Garden: A7 Genga and Douga
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A7e
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Added 1/10/2008
Updated 4/11/2017
Finally, there’s an eyeblink at the end. But even a closed-eyes portrait of Sango is still memorably pretty. The thumb, again, is a minimally altered scan of the digitally darkened image above.

Interestingly, while this genga is marked A7e (for end), the timing sheet calls for the cut to cycle back to the beginning images, and in fact the inbetweener A2 douga, paradoxically, becomes the actual end image of the sequence.

Sketch sets like this bring home again the remarkable complexity that lies behind even seemingly simple actions like this. The sequence passes in a moment during the final show, and makes its point about the effect that the experience has had on Sango quietly rather than dramatically, like a delicate moment in a Noh drama. Complete sketch sets like these let us see the hard work that lies behind quiet, natural-seeming moments like these.

The Ishihara-tachi rule!

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