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Kagome Warns Inuyasha: 1
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Added 1/8/2008
Updated 5/31/2017
Episode 155: Shikon no kakeru wo mamoru oni [The Demon that Guards the Shikon Shard], cut 220. Inuyasha and his companions are trying to reclaim the last shard, guarded by Hosenki, the jewel demon. At one point in the battle, Inuyasha suddenly has an involuntary flashback to his youth, which momentarily incapacitates him. In this cut, Kagome, seeing the demon launch an attack, shouts a warning to bring him to his senses.

This sketch pack contained 3 layouts, 3 roughs and a genzu, plus the 16 dougas used to animate the sequence. This short, dramatic cut was built around three key images. The first (not imaged) showed Kagome’s face entering the screen from the top right. (She’s flying above Inuyasha, so the dougas show her face bobbing around in the corner of the screen.)

Then, as she sees the danger, her face dives down into the safety as she begins her warning.

The second key (shown in the layout above) shows the extent of this sudden move. The thumbnails show the rather sketchy rough for this key and the douga (A7) that resulted.


Director and storyboards: Teruo Satō [佐藤 照雄]
Animation Director: Rie Nakajima [中島 里恵]

Satō was one of the regular directors for the series, and Nakajima was one of its most prolific animation directors (29 episodes). The rough in the first thumbnail is her work. In other parts of this gallery, you can see examples of her work from Episode 120 and from Episode 155 .

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