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Sakura Disguises Herself as a Peasant
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 11/10/2007
Updated 2/8/2016
Episode 13: Cat’s Bell, cut 97.On the run from the baddies who are after the priest, the Hyper Police team commandeers a hay wagon. As they prepare to run a checkpoint set up by the villains, Sakura, who’s driving, puts a rag over her head so that she and the raffish Tommy can pass as local peasants taking their hay back to the barn.

Above is the very fine A1 genga, one of the best portraits of this wily character in her all-noir mode. The thumbs show a beautiful rough sketch that set up the genga above (first thumb) and the copy layout from which the animator worked (second).

The episode was directed by Takuo Suzuki, then a relative novice, supervised by the more experienced Issei Kume (Neon Genesis Evangelion, Steamboy, Legend of the Galactic Heroes). The Animation Director was Hiroshi Hara, a wide-ranging artist who also directed and storyboarded Episode 17. Hara worked on a wide range of anime series during the period, including Chobits, Galaxy Angel, Kimagure Orange Road, and Ninja Scroll.

It's likely that the rough is his work, though roughs from later in the episode show a distinctive "splashy" broad-lined approach that emphasizes action. By contrast, both the genga and the rough show an elegant fine line that is equally effective.

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