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Sakura Knocked Unconscious
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2
Standard size

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Added 11/10/2007
Updated 1/12/2016
Episode 14: Samurai Japan, cut 100. The collar in this episode proves to be a tough customer, armed with a shield tough enough to deflect Sakura’s bullets, and he uses one of his weapons to knock her cold.

Happily, a time-traveler arrives on the scene just in time, and immediately spots her dilemma.

Here’s the rough, executed on light green paper. Hoo-boy, what hunky guy’s altruistic instincts wouldn’t be excited by a damsel in distress who looked like this. I’m especially impressed by the way that the animator managed to get the late 1940s Barbara Stanwick-style bombshell look into Sakura, even with the long fox ears.

The artist, as I determined recently, is almost certainly the distinguished animator Kazumi Ikeda, elder sister of Shoko Ikeda. She later worked on several distinguished Ishihara-tachi projects, including both Clannad and the 2006 remake of Kanon, for which she was character designer and overall animation director.

See the thumbs for the beautiful A2 END genga that resulted and a complete shuusei that cleaned up nearly every detail of the image. That image had to be a knockout for the newly arrived Sakunoshin, and Ikeda made sure that it was, as shown in of the finest sketch sets I’ve gotten for this series.

The cel that matches this image can be seen in A Hyper Police Anime Gallery.

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