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Natsuki Plays with a Collar’s Amputated Tail
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: C4
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Added 11/10/2007
Updated 9/16/2016
Episode 14: Samurai Japan, cut 105. The collar is also able to deflect Natsuki’s electricity, but in the battle, though, the end of his lizard tail gets cut off. As it wiggles around, it distracts Natsuki, whose cat instincts make her try to catch it.

In this complex cut, we see the collar lying dead in the middle ground, while in the background a strange samurai carries the unconscious Sakura off (the gengas showing this action have tiny images and so were not imaged). Meantime, the semi-crazed Natsuki, fiercely attacking the collar’s still wiggling tail, cartwheels through the frame.

As most of the images are similar (though oriented differently) I’ve imaged only the C4 genga, showing Natsuki at her most kittenish. See the thumbs for two interesting preliminary sketches on light green paper, the first a layout correction, the second a slightly more elaborated rough.

The second of these seems certainly by the episode's Animation Director, Kazumi Ikeda, and the first may be a very rough sketch by her as well. Notice that the foreshortened left leg is already quite well realized at this stage, even if the face is still very cartoonish.

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