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Misao Back Home 1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1, D1
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Added 11/7/2007
Updated 9/20/2017
Cut 9. The preceding episode has brought Misao’s part of the story arc to term, resolving her conflicts, and allowing her to return home. Notice that, during her witch training, she cut off her huge shock of dark hair (visible in the previous cuts) and now appears with tightly trimmed tresses.

In this cut, which comes in early in this episode, we see Misao returning to school for the first time since her defection. She's standing by herself as her mother talks with Mihoshi-sensei, the girls' klutzy home room teacher,who assures her that the others will welcome her daughter back. Misao listens to what they say, at first a little shy and worried about her long absence. Then she looks up sharply in surprise as she sees practically the whole school rushing out to give her a big welcome-back greeting.

Here I’ve highlighted the correction layout, done on light green paper: see how the outlines of the characters were roughed out first in gray pencil, along with the trees behind them; then the images were refined and worked up in graphite. I’ve gotten a number of these from this episode, often accompanied by layouts on preprinted studio paper that have been cancelled with a big red “X.” The animator who drew these was clearly a top-notch artist as the impact of such moments come across even though the images are still very simple at this stage.

The exact expression obviously was a problem for the animators. See the first thumb for what I think is an earlier attempt to realize Misao’s shy attention to the conversation, which the sakkan found unsatisfactory for several reasons, most obviously because the lock of hair that stands up to the right looks too much like a horn sticking out of her head. The second thumb is the fine D1 genga, which clearly takes its lead from the correction layout above.

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