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Misao in a Cap 3
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A5, A7e
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Added 11/7/2007
Updated 9/20/2017
And here Misao blushes in response to Monta's attention and takes off her cap. It's a very pretty image, with a cute blush and an especially well done foreshortening of her left fist, which really does look like it’s holding something.

The studio called for a big zoom into Misao’s face that highlights the emotion of this moment. Earlier in the series, Misao has been painfully self-conscious and withdrawn, and even though the blush still shows that it’s difficult for her to socialize, this simple act of unveiling herself in front of the guy she likes shows how much she’s changed.

(Now she probably wishes she had kept the enlarged bust she had when she went over to the Dark Side.)

The thumbs take you to the much simpler layout (first thumb) and to the nice A5 genga (second thumb), where she begins this motion by reaching up to her cap.

Ah, but what's happened to her signature bow? She had it in the homecoming scene, and she’s got it again in the next cut as Monta turns to watch her wheel the lunch down the hallway. Did it come off inside the cap? Or did the studio forget about it? It does seems as if it suddenly sprouts back out of her head.

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