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Happy Misao 1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1
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Added 11/7/2007
Updated 9/20/2017
Cut 30. In this very effective cut, Misao rounds the bend after acknowledging Monta's compliment, then leans against the hallway wall in ecstacy, the blush still coloring her face. "He liked it," she says to herself. "That means it really does make me look good, right? I look nice ... and cute!" And with that, she laughs and turns her face to the wall, smiling more broadly than we have ever seen her.

It's an important moment, the resolution of a plot thread that has motivated much of the series story arc. Now Misao is sure of herself, and her jealousy of Monta's attention to Sasami dissolves in this new self-confidence. Yes, it's a bit giddy (two classmates watching this little bit of girly business comment that the curry rice must have some pretty exotic spices in it). But it's typical of this clever, self-consuming series that the supervillainess Lord of Darkness side of Misao dwindles down to a giggly moment over successfully getting That Guy notice your new look.

The images went through a lot of evolution, though, between the first thoughts of the layouts and the roughs (on yellow paper) based on them, and the final versions that were the result of a thorough makeover by the animation director. Above is one of the early versions, the A1 image showing Misao (there’s the hairbow back!) smiling shyly. Visit the thumbnail for a rough that works up this image -- but somehow it’s just not the Misao we've come to fear and like. Move ahead to see the makeover.

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