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Scary Son Goku
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A1 END
Standard size

Key Cel
End Cel
No Background

Added 10/26/2007
Updated 9/15/2009

A wonderfully atmospheric image of an intensely determined Son Goku, this genga shows unusual lighting effects, bright highlights on the face, hair, and restraining ring contrasting with deep shadows, here colored in with purple marker pen. The overlapping of these shadow areas contributes an eerie wavy effect that, while an artifact of the mark-up process, still makes this sketch the more colorful and compelling.

Interestingly, the sakkan seems not to have been happy with it. The comments (in red marker pen) don't look complimentary, and nearly all the shadow lines are canceled with little x's. Lighten up, Studio Pierrot! Even with its apparent faults, this remains one of the finest gengas of this character I've ever seen. And the slightly demented-seeming eyes, featured in this image, were uploaded in 2007 just in time for Halloween. Jason, step aside!

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