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Sakura Faces Up to The Erase
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A1
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Added 10/26/2007
Updated 4/15/2017
Episode 17: Sakura's Scary Kimodameshi, cut 265A. At the climax of the adventure, Sakura summons all her inner strength to confront this Card’s presence and prepares to utter the sealing spell. Sequence number: A1 (key).

This is a tremendous moment in the CCS saga: forced into a ordeal that is fun for everyone else but deathly serious to her, she endures seeing her best friends vanish in front of her. Then even her rival, who’s done his best to keep her centered, also begins to dematerialize before her horrified eyes. His last words, however, give her the will to face this uncanny enemy: “Is it you who wants us all to go away?”

Ah -- Syaoran has seen what’s going on. The Cards aren’t just random spirits waiting to victimize whoever comes by: they’re manifestations of something enormously powerful in Sakura’s own soul, in this case a kind of death wish, a “Vœu de mort,” for you Hogworts students who have been paying attention in French class.

No wonder, when Sakura offers the card to him after the capture, to thank him for helping her overcome her panic, he simply says, “That one belongs to you,” and turns away. And ... indeed ... so it does.

This intense expression, similar to that in my “Kitty Sakura” and in a few of my most intensely prized cels, is the classic Cardcaptor look, one that forces you to see that, as in all CLAMP series, the exterior may be full of pink Sakura-chan cuteness, but when pushed to her limit, this is one ferociously determined young woman on the inside. Her victory over this Card is a major turning point, one that looks forward to her final victory at the end of the CCS saga.

If you gaze long into an abyss, Nietzsche said, the abyss will gaze back into you. Ah, but Sakura’s got what it takes in this Look to make even The Void blink.

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