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Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 4
Cel Number: A1 END, B5, D8
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Book Cel
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Added 10/5/2007
Updated 7/6/2017
Episode 3: Namida to yuujou no Smash (The “smash” of sympathy and friendship), cut 52. During gym, Masami manages to handle one of Keiko’s serves handily and wins the point. Keiko turns to make a disparaging remark, but Karin impulsively dashes onto the court to congratulate her friend. She does so rather effusively, and even poor Masami seems a little overwhelmed by the compliment.

Unphased by anything in the post-Buurin world, Kondou-sensei, the tennis coach, looks on from behind. Sequence numbers: A1 END (Kondou-sensei), B5 (Karin and Masami), unnumbered “BOOK” (tennis net), D8 (Keiko)

Read a summary of this episode on Keith’s TB Page, or Watch a fansub on YouTube! (This cel set comes in at 03:00.)

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