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Tonde Buurin: Eyecatch, OP, ED, Henshin

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OP: Free at Last!
Source: TV
Layers: 3
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: B4, C4, D4
Standard size
Opening Cel

No Background

Added 9/7/2007
Updated 4/21/2017
In one part of the Opening, Buurin seems to fly backward in time, to an ancient Egypt where a group of slaves are being forced by the series villain Keiko (imagined as a whiplashing Pharaoh’s daughter) to build a pyramid. Buurin terrorizes the pest, then finishes the pyramid singlehandedly. The “slaves” react joyfully to their liberation: among them we see the principals of the cast, dressed in vaguely Biblical robes and loincloths.

Rikako, Karin’s glamorous lavender-haired mother, is in the left bottom corner with clasped hands, with Shinichirou, her bare-chested father, beside her to the right. He’s (a little illogically), holding Karin and Ton-chan on his shoulders while they all cheer on Buurin. In front of him and to the right, with outstretched arms, is Karin’s little brother Shuuhei.

Behind him are Karin’s best friend Masami (green hair and glasses) and Kaoru, the class cutie (pink hair). Just behind these two are Kouichi, Karin’s love interest, (blue hair) and behind him, Kashiwagi, Masami’s love interest (pony tail, goofy expression) and Takuma-senpai, the class prince (shiny purple hair). Other minor characters fill out the crowd.

This cel set is slightly mismatched: note that Kashiwagi’s and Takuma’s arms are a teeny bit differently placed in the screen cap below. And I really regret not getting the whimsical cobra, who must have been painted on a bottom cel layer or the production background itself. Still, this is one of the finest of many group portraits of the series cast.

Screen cap from the OP clip available from Keith’s Tonde Buurin Page

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