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Slayers 2 - Lina's Light Magic: A1/A2
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Added 7/7/2007
Updated 6/1/2017
Slayers, Ep. 2 (BAD! Mummy Men Aren't My Type!) Lina has just gone into a dark ruined chapel to inspect the goodies she's gotten from a band of bandits. She begins by chanting a light spell, then watches as a glowing ball appears between her fingers and then rises into the air, growing brighter as it ascends.

In this sketch, we see Lina in an unusual, filmy light, with most of her body left blurry and undefined. That was the animator's way of indicating how the scene begins with her in deep shadow. If you visit the thumbnail, you can see an eerie elaboration of this effect, show the shadows and highlights shifting over her entire body and face, as the light rises and grows in intensity.


The animation director for this episode was Naomi Miyata [宮田 奈保美], the wife of series director Takashi Watanabe. She was also character designer and chief animation director for the entire Slayers saga, including the 2009 Evolution R series. While this work remains her most visible achievement, she also worked an a remarkable variety of other series, beginning with the 1992 Tenchi Muyo! OAV and including Revolutionary Girl Utena, Angelic Layer, and Kino's Journey along the way.

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