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Powerpuff Girls Z 07A: The Miracle Fighting Ace Caper

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Out of His League
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Added 7/3/2007
Updated 4/17/2024
Unfortunately, a neat costume and flashy moves don't automatically make you a match for the arch-villain, Mojo Jojo. In this powerful sketch, we see how tightly he grabs hold of the "Ace," lifting him off the ground (the arrows show how his legs wave back and forth impotently). Notice, also, how the power of Mojo's grip is underscored by distorting the background behind him slightly, as if the poor superhero's sight is being warped by the pressure.

Hiro, not surprisingly, immediately surrenders to the vile ape, and in such a craven way that when I first got these sketches I immediately assumed that the character was a female PPGZ impersonator. In fact, in the sequence that follows, he ends up enacting the same role as the screamy helpless female victim that he "saved" in the TV show seen by Momoko, while the GirlZ appropriate his "manly" role as rescuers.

The central part of this sketch was done in careful detail to allow for a slow track back during the cut. Visit the thumbnail for a closer look at this part of the image.

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