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Cardcaptor Sakura 09: Touya, Yukito, and Yue

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Source: TV
Layers: 4
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A1E, B6E, C3E, D1E
Standard size

Key Cel
End Cel
Original Matching Background

Added 6/7/2007
Updated 6/19/2013

Screen capture courtesy of

Episode: 59 (Sakura, Tomoyo, and the Ball Trap). Cut 96. Eriol encounters Yukito outside the school, and encountering his presence makes Yukito involuntarily transform into his true form. “Clow!” the astonished Protector says, hovering over the youngster, “What are you doing in this form?! You’re supposed to be dead!” Sequence numbers: A1E (Yue’s body and face), B6E (wings, hair, and robes), C3E (mouth layer), D1E (Eriol).

This is a crucial moment in the third season, when the identity of creepy Eriol (this is actually the first cel image of him I’ve ever gotten), hinted at before, is finally confirmed.


The Eriol layer is on an oversized cel sheet with registration holes on the bottom so that his image could creep up during the cut, reinforcing the pan in toward Yue. Unfortunately, it was allowed to stick to the top Yue layer out of registration (Eriol never creeps this high in the actual footage).

Still, cropped a little differently from the screen cap and with the original watercolor production background behind, it makes a dramatic show, ne?

Click the thumbnail for a dramatic copy layout, or, for a closer look at the vertigo-inducing background, Click here!

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