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Powerpuff Girls Z 29 B: Saturday Powerpuff Fever

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An invitation to disco
Source: TV
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Added 4/12/2007
Updated 3/26/2017
The scene shifts to the Mayor's office, where we see Ms. Bellum (as in the US series, her face is never shown) alongside the Mayor, with Ken and Professor Utonium to the side of the table. Ms. Bellum is explaining to the three GirlZ that they have been invited to perform a special dance at the local disco.

The camera begins with a long shot that shows all the characters

then slowly zooms in on Miyako and Momoko at the end of the table.

Interestingly, in this early sketch, which plans out this pan, the animator chose to draw Miyako and Momoko without their clothes on, while the more masculine Kaoru has his usual slouchy outfit. Perhaps this was done to make the two more active girls' motions more natural. In any case, the thumbnail shows a somewhat more finished sketch that shows all three now completely clothed.

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