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Powerpuff Girls Z 15A.2: The Targeted Fashion Show: Settei

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Original Settei: Shiri no Janko-sensei
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Standard size
Opening Cel

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Added 3/12/2007
Updated 5/14/2007
This detailed settei or model sheet shows some of the typical expressions of this highly emotive fashion designer. From the legend below the third face, it seems finished and ready to go into the photocopied packet that would be provided to the other animators working on this episode.

In this lot, I got an earlier version that shows how the character designer worked up these expressions. You can see this in the thumbnail. Notice that the artist begins with a simple egg-shaped oval with two intersecting lines indicating where the eyes will fit in. Then, little by little, the details of the face are worked up. It seems, in this case, that the artist became dissatisfied with the third expression and left this sheet unfinished. In the main image you can see how completely this face was rethought.

And then in yet a later lot, I got an even earlier conception of the character's design. See the second thumb for this "first draft" to get a sense of how much this lady's looks changed during the first stages of planning. Interestingly, at this point, she had tight wavy hair rather than the stylish curls that she finally got.

Interesting, ne?

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