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Cute Karin with a Book
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Added 3/9/2007
Updated 7/5/2017
This and the next image are from Episode 34, cut 93. This is an episode mostly about making carp streamers to give Kouichi and the soccer team good luck. I don't know what Karin is reading here, but it makes her look happy and cute.

But watch out for those pesty spiky bats. (Spiky bats?) See the next item.

I scanned this rough against a copy layout that came with this set to give it a little context. Later the spiky bats brought me the original layout, which I've scanned in the thumb below. Notice the detail given in blue pencil to the poster of the gymnastic dancer on the left, which we often see hanging on the wall in Karin's room.


This and the next rough are likely by the episode's animation director, Kenichi Imaizumi [今泉 賢一], one of its regular sakkans, supervising animation for ten episodes. Imaizumi also worked extensively (like many other animators) on The Legend of the Galactic Heroes OAV, both as animation director (16 episodes) and as episode director (six episodes). This artist continued to work in both capacities, working as animation director for (among others) Angelic Layer and Hunter X Hunter, and as both animation and episode director for the distinguished series Mushishi, Shirobako, and anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

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