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Worried Karin in the Storeroom
Source: TV
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Added 3/9/2007
Updated 7/5/2017
From Episode 39, cuts 13 and 15. This episode concerns a Mushanokouji Takuma home in Kyoto. Keith's Tonde Buurin Page says that his family crest resembles a seal (ork ork!) suppressing an underground devil, and so evidently Karin is having a look-round to see what this could mean. (They find out toward the end of the series.)

This simple but very pretty rough sketch is scanned in front of the copy layout to provide a shadow of the setting. See the thumbnail for a closer look at this layout.

The artist is (as with my "spiky bats" roughs from Ep. 34) likely to be episode animation director Kenichi Imaizumi [今泉賢一].

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