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Powerpuff Girls Z 15A.1: The Targeted Fashion Show

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Sports fashions: The Sprinter, Tennis Player, and Bowler
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Added 3/9/2007
Updated 2/27/2017
After their turn on the runway, Momoko and Miyako complain that they are having trouble moving around in their outfits. This gives the ditzy assistant a chance to explain that the look is part of their "imagination is important" initiative, which they have been applying to sportsware. In a short but tasty sequence, we see glimpes of Shiri-no-Sensei's fashion designs, each of which is rather pretty in principle but absurd in practice.

In this sketch we see the first three athletes that appear: a sprinter to the left takes off with ribbons fluttering behind her rump; a tennis player in the middle returns a volley in a tent-like skirt; and a bowler follows through in what looks like a pajama suit with puffy cuffs around the ankle.

Clearly the tennis player caused the animator the most trouble, as you can see from the erasures and second thoughts, while the sprinter is off at the gun. As you can see from the screen cap, the sprinter and bowler kept their postures (though their outfits underwent a lot of change). The pose and costume of the tennis player continued to evolve, until she got the amazing furry bootlets and feathery racket seen below.

Imagination certainly was important in this series: it's hard to think of another recent anime where the artists worked so hard on costumes.

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