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Powerpuff Girls Z 15A.1: The Targeted Fashion Show

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Sports fashions: The Gymnast and the Volleyball Player
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
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Added 3/9/2007
Updated 4/18/2024
In this image, we see a gymnast striking a dramatic pose in a pretty uniform ruffled at the hem and sleeves, while a more flustered athlete in a skimpier suit gets ready to return a volleyball serve. Interestingly, if you visit the more preliminary sketch, you'll see that the animator quickly settled on the gymnast's image but changed his mind many times in designing the volleyball player, before settling (here) on a skirt that has something like chains dangling down from a heavy belt.

In the end, as the screen cap shows, the artist still wasn't happy, and ended up replacing this athlete with what looks like a Southern Cal football player in full Trojan regalia rushing with the ball.

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