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First ED: Momoko Going on Stage
Source: TV
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Added 3/9/2007
Updated 1/8/2018
This simple sketch is also from the First Ending. Shortly after the previous image appears, the credits thicken, and the image box moves from the right (where it shows a stylish dress that Momoko has been looking at) to the left (where Momoko, with a thoughtful expression, is now wearing it in subdued light). Then the light becomes stronger, and she begins to walk off the left side of the screen.

This ED sequence seems to play with the similarity of the GirlZ henshin as a kind of costuming for a play, since in the next image we see a curtain parting, and we find them on stage, performing for an audience made up of the other characters in the plot.

I also got a genzu, or exploratory draft for an earlier part of this cut, which you can see in the thumbnail.

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