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Fuu Regains Her Magic Glove: A13 cel
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A13
Standard size

No Background

Added 2/3/2007
Updated 5/1/2021
This is the A13 cel, an inbetweener that fits in between the A4 and A5 keys. In it, Fuu has the glove slipped over her left hand and is starting to pull it tight, as seen in the A5 key.

Sadly, this cel seems a little shopworn, with the lines contacted by the orange cel paint visibly depleted and, unless I miss my guess, touched up in some places by an inexpert hand. Seeing the rather shabby condition of some of the cels that went with the previous sketch set makes me the more glad I bought the gengas. They remain in sharp condition while the cels, seeing harsher treatment, are now often less impressive. Still, it's good to get an idea of the final image that these sketches worked so hard to produce.

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