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Angel Noelle Runs Through Yuusuke
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: B12
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Added 12/18/2006
Updated 3/8/2018
Cut 133. She turns to embrace Yuusuke ... and the screen goes white. When the fog begins to clear, we see that instead of glomping her beloved, she’s run completely through him, just as Raphael passed completely through her in the Jasmine Jelly scene. Sequence number: B12.

Unlike the Raph/Noelle interpenetration, we don’t actually see the two characters’ bodies merging. But if you screen the cut carefully, you’ll see how the studio created this illusion. When Noelle becomes visible, her head is tilted back, as if she’s met just a bit of resistance from Yuusuke’s body, or else was desperately trying to touch his lips physically. Then her head abruptly jerks forward, the halo falling askew for a moment, as you see here.

The wings, as usual with this series, are superbly done and look properly aerodynamic, and notice how Yuusuke, by now used to Noelle’s glomps, is still braced for the impact with a well-practiced air.

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