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All Right ... (Rough and Genga)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1
Oversize, 27W x 34H

Key Cel
No Background

Added 12/14/2006
Updated 1/17/2007
Episode 22: (Pain/Shattered Memories), cut 262. After their defeat by Kamisama, the Sanzo group retreats to an inn to recuperate. Son Goku, though, is inconsolable and wanders alone into the streets. At the very end of this episode, we see him alone on a street, pounding his bare fist into a stone wall. We see him from a low perspective, the full moon behind him, leaving his face mostly in shadow, his torso, naked from the waist up, arched a little with his arm still thrust against the wall.

Then he relaxes a little, as fragments of the wall spill down around his fist, and he says grimly, “All right ...” The camera pans up to center on his intense face, the eyes shining eerily in the darkness, and then -- a shock cut to his left eye, which fills the screen, a highlight glimmering out at the viewer. And ... credits.

This is a powerful ending, and of course it required a top-notch image from the studio artists. It was interesting to see in their starting point was an extremely fuzzy, blown-up image from Kazuya Minekura’s original manga. (See the first thumbnail for the clearer of the two copies that I got with this sketch set.) And yet the image shown here is not simply a tracing of the manga, as you can see from the rough sketch (second thumb), which I’ve scanned against the bigger and fuzzier of the two manga photocopies. Son Goku’s muscles are bigger and more defined, the position of his arms is more natural, and the eyes are far more intense.

Good as this sketch is, move ahead to the next item to see more.

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