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Dougan the Terminator: A3 + A4
Source: Movie
Layers: 2
Sketches: 5
Cel Number: A3 + B5, A4 + B6
Oversize, 12W x 10.5H

No Background

Added 11/21/2006
Updated 6/16/2022
Two cuts intervene, presumably showing the Sanzo group covered with sweatdrops, Gojyo and Sanzo taking one last drag from their noir ciggys (the fingers of their other hands tenderly interlacing, like you know they always wanted to, for one last farewell), Goku sneaking a last bite from a shish-kebob, Hakkai patting Hakuryu gently behind the hood ornament to comfort him ...

And then, in cut 695 Dougan jams down on the button of the Protagonist Terminator and roars with evil laughter. The Sanzo Group is history ... er, mythology ... er, Chinese popular culture ... er, anime-densetsu ... er, well, let's just say that the chances of another Saiyuki season or movie or OVA have become increasingly remote.

This image has been digitally altered! The A3 (shown above) contained only the stump of Dougan's arm, with the hand pushing the button on the B5 layer. I've combined the two to complete the image. (And I did the same with the similar A4/B6 image in the first thumbnail.) In doing so, I used the deliciously evil layout (second thumb) as a guide.

Um ... Dougan ... you better check the terms of the extended warranty on that Protagonist Terminator. Someone just told me that Reload and Reload Gunlock both came after the movie. And now there's this website!

Darn Terminator devices ... never work as advertised ...

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